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Company ID : CMP26256
Member Since : Feb 4, 2017
Last Activity : Jan 22, 2021
Profile Viewed 2329 times
Country : Australia
State : New South Wales
City : Hornsby
Year Established : 1997
Company Annual Sales
(in US Dollars)
: 500,001 - 5,000,000
Products : The Signature brand mouthguard is Australia's ICONIC mouthguard. The company is the largest manufacturer of mouthguards in Australia, and has been producing them for over 20 years. Australia’s largest sporting goods retailers, Rebel Sports and Amart Sports both sell Signature’s products, sold under the Achilles branding. Many buying groups, independent sporting goods retailers and numerous pharmacies throughout Australia sell Signature’s mouthguards. In addition many private schools sell Signature’s mouthguards in their school uniform shops. Rebel Sports in New Zealand sell Signature’s products under the V-Shock brand.

For almost 10 years Signature’s products were sold in USA and Canada by Reebok International under several brands, including: Reebok, RBK, CCM, Sidney Crosby and were also known as ‘Smart Mouth’ mouthguards.

The mouthguards are suitable for players of all ages, playing at all levels of sport, up to professional level. Signature's mouthguards have been worn by sportspersons from several countries at the last six Olympiads.

The mouthguard range is available in a selection of types, sizes and single or dual colours, with or without polycarbonate or gel inserts, with or without straps.

All mouthguards are supplied with an antimicrobial/antibacterial mouthguard case. Most mouthguards come with a colour matched mouthguard case. Others come with a specially printed mouthguard case (refer VIPA and Dentist 2GO).

Signature Mouthguards Pty Ltd has many patents and trademarks for its products, several worldwide. Signature’s mouthguards have been designed by Dental Professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience in Dentistry.

Signature has undertaken many mouthguard R&D programs with the Australian Sports Commission as its research partner and is engaged in ongoing research in mouthguard design and safety, in particular, involving concussive forces.

Signature is also a major supplier to the Dental profession in Australia as its speciality products are prescribed by Orthodontists for their patients in treatment (wearing dental appliances).
Expected Work : Meet with sporting goods retailers that sell football and hockey gear to negotiate the purchase of our mouthguards to be shipped direct to them via UPS or similar prompt air-mail service. We anticipate that sales agents will already have a solid track record in sporting goods sales, may have worn mouthguards playing sport or has knowledge of their safety in sport. Also has a desire to promote and sell Australia's leading mouthguard brand that for 10 years was sold via Reebok in Canada for ice-hockey under the several brands including; RBK, Reebok, CCM, Sidney Crosby. The products were also known as Smart Mouth mouthguards.

We are interested for sales agents for ALL markets.....except; Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

It is not expected that agents represent all regions/states. Agents may elect to apply to represent specific regions/cities within states, which is acceptable.
Countries Needed :
  • Netherlands
Territories Needed : UK, Europe and Asia
Compensation : Sales Agent gets commission from company on sales
Keywords : Signature, Signature Mouthguards, VIPA, PPG, ProPlusGel, Mouthguard Safety, Football, AFL, ARL, ARU, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey, Ice Hockey, mouthguard, mouthguards
Categories :
Entertainment, Games, Sports, & Toys
Sporting goods
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