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Company ID : CMP26368
Member Since : Apr 27, 2018
Last Activity : Dec 28, 2018
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Country : United States
State : California
City : San Mateo
Year Established : 2007
Company Annual Sales
(in US Dollars)
: 5,000,001 - 50,000,000
Products :



Car-tracking services will soon be as universal as cell phones to ensure the safety of family members and other loved ones. “Where is my spouse, my teenagers, my mother, etc.” If they get in trouble, the authorities or AAA can be told exactly where they are. They can be monitored as to how fast they’re going, if they’re going out of a designated area, or if they are going somewhere they shouldn’t be. Business owners can also monitor their vehicles both to increase productivity and reduce costs.

WHO WE ARE: Our GPS Tracking System has been installed in more than 1 million vehicles in the commercial space since 2007 and tracked those vehicles for over 15 Billion miles. We are now launching a consumer service with a disruptive marketing plan and are looking for partners in every area.

HOW DOES IT WORK? There is no GPS device to buy or inventory. You and your resellers provide us with the contact information of those interested in our plan and we take over from there. We send the subscribers a free GPS device to use with our service. The subscriber pays a $39.95 one-time set-up cost and a $14.95 monthly fee which is below what’s available presently for such a comprehensive service.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? You can receive up to $6 a month, every month, for every subscriber you and your resellers refer to us. And…. HERE’S THE MAGIC: Every subscriber gets the same monthly referral fee for everyone they introduce to our service. Both you and the reseller get part of that also. That’s the magic of multiplication.

• Auto shops in any specialty are ideal targets.
• Fundraisers could create an ongoing flow of revenue for themselves, and their donors.
• Any retail store or any individual for that matter can offer the service for an additional source of revenue.

Everyone makes money. How much? It’s up to you, your resellers, and the subscribers. In addition to your efforts, we will keep motivating everyone to be active in the recruitment, and you will benefit from every new subscriber in your group.

We would like to talk to you about your possible participation and the income potential.

Expected Work : We are preparing an email campaign to all the Auto related shops across the US to recruit as agents. They don't need to inventory or buy stock, just provide information on potential subscribers to our tracking service. You the rep, and the Auto shop will receive monthly revenue on all subscribers. And all subscribers can also recruit others and receive a monthly commission, same as the rep and the auto shop.

We offer a service, meaning that there is no GPS device for the customer to buy or for you to inventory. Subscribers gets a free GPS device to use. And we deliver everything to the subscribers directly.
Your only provide us with contact information of the interested parties and we take over from there.
The subscriber pays a $39.95 set-up cost and a $14.95monthly fee which is below all that’s out there for such a comprehensive service.

Your reward? you can receive up to $6+ a month, every month, for every subscriber you refer. No termination clause. AND HERE’S THE MAGIC; every subscriber will also receive the same monthly referral fee on everyone they refer, and you receive part of that also.

Tracking services will soon be as universal as cell phones, every car will have one.
Why? First, to keep the family and all the loved ones safe. Where is my wife, my teenagers, my mother and other senior drivers, etc. You always know where their whereabouts. If they get in trouble, you can tell the authorities or AAA exactly where they are. You can monitor how fast everyone is going, are they going out of your area, or where they should not be. You will be alerted if they do.
Countries Needed :
  • Canada
  • United States
Territories Needed : USA and Canada
Compensation : Sales Agent gets commission from company on sales
Keywords : GPS tracking monitoring safety prosperity
Categories :
Business Services
Computer & Electronics
Finance & Insurance
Vehicles & Transportation
Auto Parts & Accessories
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