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Company Detail
Company ID : CMP26404
Member Since : Sep 28, 2018
Last Activity : Nov 16, 2018
Profile Viewed 255 times
Country : Italy
State : Lombardia (Lombardy)
City : Milan
Year Established : 1993
Company Annual Sales
(in US Dollars)
: 0 - 500,000
Products : We are a consulting company, often we receive assignment to design the best export strategy and therefore are selecting and recruiting agents, distributors and sales representatives.
We are supporting an Italian company sole distributor of electron microscopes from South Korea that is recruiting agents to better cover the Netherlands market.
The company distributes and assists electron microscopes, SEM technology, entry level suitable for universities, labs, quality control dept. Material sciences more than life science.
Expected Work : We are looking for someone already introduced in universities, or mechanic industry or plastic industry, selling lab equipment or quality control equipment.
Sales agent is expected to make cold calls and approach customers such as analysis labs and universities in Netherlands, develop relationships and make sales.
Countries Needed :
  • Netherlands
  • Netherlands Antilles
Territories Needed : Netherlands
Compensation : Sales Agent gets commission from company on sales
Keywords : SEM, microscopes, lab equipment, laboratory, electron microscopes, Netherlands
Categories :
Chemicals, Plastics, & Raw Materials
Inorganic Chemicals
Minerals, Ores, & Concentrates
Rubber & Plastics
Computer & Electronics
Optics & Measuring Devices
Medicine, Health, & Environment
Metals & Minerals
Laboratory equipment
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