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Company ID : CMP26450
Member Since : Oct 28, 2019
Last Activity : Nov 5, 2019
Profile Viewed 309 times
Country : United States
State : Indiana
City : Indianapolis
Year Established : 2018
Company Annual Sales
(in US Dollars)
: 0 - 500,000
Products : Golden Eye Web Design offers and delivers high-quality, luxurious WordPress websites which convert first-time visitors into life-long customers. We also specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Reputation Management (bettering reviews / business listings), Graphic Design (logos, business cards), Business Photography (for the website), and Press Features for the owner of the business (in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, MSNBC, and BuzzFeed to name a few).

We're ultimately able to, and looking to take on a vast number of clients in a short time frame due to the scalable structure of the business; with a team of talented developers, designers, and admins at our side.
Expected Work : Each independent sales agent will have the opportunity, and responsibility to approach customers in any industry they're familiar with, with the aim of developing relationships, making sales, and acting as an occasional point of contact for the new client going forward.

In regards to pay structure, the compensation plan for independent sales agents is as follows:

* 100% commission based, plus residual monthly income
* 20% commission on one-off deals
* 20% commission on monthly subs for the lifetime of the contract
* Average one-off deal value of $2100 (up to $70k)
* Average monthly subscription of $450 (up to $2k)
* Opportunities for $500 bonuses
* Must make one sale per month to receive residuals
Countries Needed :
  • United States
Territories Needed : Landlocked U.S., along with Hawaii and Alaska.
Compensation : Sales Agent gets commission from company on sales
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Categories :
Business Services
Computer & Electronics
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