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Sales Agent ID : AGT27582
Member Since : Nov 5, 2017
Last Activity : Nov 7, 2017
Profile Viewed 447 times
Country : United States
State : Delaware
Agent Type : Multi-Agent Sales Agency     Number Of Sales Agents : 5
Monthly Sales
(in US Dollars)
: 0 - 20,000
Product Lines : I am looking for durable construction products that add value to owners and make contractor lives better as well. Our soluble salt remover is used for surface preparation that prevents premature coating failures and keeps owner happy as the contractors use this biodegradable and safe additive in wash water for this key stage for metal and concrete projects. Our monolothic spray coating of rubber encapsulates and serves as roofing and waterproofing effectively and with no smell, great elongation, hurricane testing and FM approvals all more economical and faster than other systems. This spray on coating is ideal for LEED credits (10 points) and for thermal insulation as well. The third product of a protective coating that chemically stops corrosion is essential where pack rust and crevice corrosion are ignored, to their peril, for structures such as bridges. The other product currently provided is an anti-condensate water based latex coating that stops mold without the use of biocides that could harm the environment, occupants, and contractors alike. All products except the rubber coating have been in service internationally for over 25 years with approvals by key customers such as oil firms, US Navy, and major governmental bodies. The rubber coating has earned its special niche for the past 15 years.
Target Customers : Every structure that is exposed to the elements which have soluble salts in those rain storms benefits from our products. We advise owners and their consulting engineers how best to protect their assets by the use of our durable products. We educate contractors as well. Serving on key association committees is key to apprising all levels of the industries while we make sure that "ignoble" competitors with false claims are unmasked for their trickery, while rewarding and emphasizing those products that truly deliver on promises. With the decades of experience in the field for all products, we rely upon case studies and good will among the contractors who know our products to be straightforward in what we offer. Societies grant continuing education credits and we help educate at trade shows, private events, and national conventions.
(in yrs)
: More than 5
Countries Covered :
  • Canada
  • United States
Territories Covered : All of the USA and some sales into Canada and India are our focus. Opportunities exist for us in South America and Europe where we have worked on small projects.
Compensation : Commission-based sales
Education : Masters
Keywords : Durable, dependable, reliable, stop corrosion, stop condensation, thermal protection, prevent premature coating failures, UV hardened, flexible coating, elongation, no VOC, Class A fire rated, improve adhesion of coatings, improve concrete repairs, reduce MIC corrosion, cited in US Navy specifications, used by US Army Corps of Engineers, NASA specified, Dept. of Transportations specify, biodegradable, chelation of ions, remove salts, removes sulfate, removes chlorides, washed off de-icer salts, extend life span of protective coating systems, Miami/Dade hurricane rating, FM (Factory Mutual) listings, Reference accounts world-wide, Installed locations over 25 years in service, Good industry warranties and premium extended warranties available, joint contractor-manufacturer warranties, Monolithic cold spray applied coating creating an ideal waterproof seal, Provides "instant set cure" where 80% cured within 3 seconds ready for rain and walking, Elongation exceeding 1600% after months of service, High impact and hail resistant, Class A fire rating that self-extinguishes flame, Superior wind uplift and adhesion, Low odor, Dry fall for windy days, UV stable, Top coatable for extra advantages, Applicable for nearly all building supply substrates (wood, other roofing products, glass, concrete, steel), Secondary containment on dirt, Essential part of a Green Roof system, Able to support 10 points in the LEED system for platinum, Offers a top coat to reflect sunlight, Offers temperature control enhancements, Faster cure makes faster subsequent construction steps possible such as foundations being back filled immediately
Categories :
Business Services
Chemicals, Plastics, & Raw Materials
Adhesives & Sealants
Building Materials & Construction
Detergents & Cleaning Agents
Minerals, Ores, & Concentrates
Hardware, Industrial, & Machinery
Protective coating systems (paint)
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