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Sales Agent ID : AGT27736
Member Since : Sep 23, 2018
Last Activity : Not Yet
Profile Viewed 326 times
Country : India
State : Kerala
City : Kozhikode
Agent Type : Individual Sales Agent
Monthly Sales
(in US Dollars)
: 100,001 - 500,000
Product Lines : 1. Rice - Boiled, Parboiled, Raw, Basmati, Khaima, Jeera in Bulk quantity - Total approx 600-750 Tons PER MONTH
2. Pulses / Grains / Cereals / Dals / Seeds each item 2 -3 Tons (I.e. Total 40-50 Tons) PER MONTH
3. Sugar - 300-400 Tons PER MONTH
4. All Packed foods & Beverages (100+ Items) in bulk quantity (Total 150-250 Tons) PER MONTH
5. Cooking Oils & Vanaspati - 75,000 -100,000 Liters/kg (75-100 Tons) PER MONTH
6. Wheat, Rice and Other flours in bulk 40-50 Tons PER MONTH
7. Cow Ghee - 3000-5000 kg (3 Ton -5 Tons) PER MONTH
8. Milk powder - brand packed & loose - 10000 kg (10 Tons) PER MONTH
9. Dry fruits & Nuts, sweets and confectioneries in bulk
10. All Spices and masala items in bulk
11. Onions, Potato, Garlic, small onions etc- in bulk quantity total 400 -500 Tons per month
12. Fresh vegetables and Fruits in bulks - 30-50 Tons PER DAY, Moreover
13. Cleaning, washing, & hygiene items in bulk (50-70 tons) per month
14. Students (School) Items and Stationery
15. Home needs & all kitchen wares
16. Plastic wares in bulk quantity
17. Cosmetics and personal care items
18. Small home appliances
19. Gift & Toys items - in bulk quantity
20. Fancy items
21. Crockery & Utensils all items- in bulk
Target Customers : I have experience in bulk order processing and sale to Supermarkets' Chain. Now I have order from 15+ hypermarkets and from a newly starting supermarkets' chain - where 150+ mini supermarkets and 25 wholesale counters linked, in KERALA INDIA. Market is direct linked to more than 20 million customers from Kerala. I AM LOOKING SOPHISTICATED MANUFACTURES AND SUPPLIERS of all Foods ( Rice, pluses, grains, oils, packed foods, beverages, sugar, flours, spices etc ) , Onion, Potato, Garlic, all Fresh Vegetable and fruits, dry fruits and nuts , Students (School) Items, Stationery, Cleaning, Cosmetics, Gift & Toys, home and kitchen wares, crockery and utensils, fashion & fancy and many more items, who looking efficient product broker / sales representative in Kerala and South India
(in yrs)
: More than 5
Countries Covered :
  • India
Territories Covered : Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka South India
Compensation : Commission-based sales
Education : Bachelors
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